Price of the young author ALTER – 2019

The journal Alter will award for the first time in 2019 a prize of the young author.

This call for articles is for:

  • all doctoral students or young researchers who have completed their PhD within less than five years of the date of submission of their articles,
  • whatever their nationality,
  • whose work falls within the scope of the journal.

Proposed articles, written by a single author, will be examined by a jury composed of members of the editorial board of the journal and of Alter Association’s board of directors.

The prizewinner’s article will be published in the journal. The laureate will be invited to present his work at the 8th Alter’s European Conference (5th-6th of September 2019, in Cologne, Germany) as keynote speaker (Invitation (travel and accommodation) and possible translation costs will be covered up to 2000 euros.)

The articles:

  • must be original research articles (unpublished, not submitted for publication elsewhere);
  • must meet the editorial standards of the journal (length and presentation);
  • can be written in French or English;
  • must be sent electronically before 30 January 2019.

Candidates will be notified of the results in June 2019.

ALTER is a peer-reviewed European journal which looks at disability and its variations. It is aimed at everyone who is involved or interested in this field. ALTER is an emblematic Latin word for all forms of difference leaving open the question of their nature and expression.

An inter-disciplinary journal

First and foremost interdisciplinarity means remaining open to all human and social sciences: sociology anthropology psychology psychoanalysis history demography epidemiology economics law etc. It also means a connection between the different forms of knowledge – academic and fundamental – applied and relating to the experience of disability.

A cross-disciplinary journal Research on disability constitutes a transversal axis which opens the review up to a multitude of approaches and problematic. It covers matters ranging from the individual to the environment from impairment to participation from discrimination to the exercise of citizenship… ALTER looks at all the questions examined in human and social sciences be they social economic political or health related.

A European journal The European dimension means having a multicultural outlook; it means well-argued comparisons and useful scientific controversies that go beyond national boundaries.

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