Alter, Conferences

Alter, European Society for Disability Research, was founded in 2011.

Alter’s objective is to promote research in the social and social sciences on disability, emphasizing the diversity of scientific approaches and knowledge (theoretical, applied, derived from the experience of disability…) offered by this field of research. Alter is a scholarly society for all those who are interested in disability and the issues it raises, with no reservations as to research directions. Designed with a focus on Europe, society is open to the international scientific community.

The Alter conference is envisaged as an annual meeting for senior researchers, young researchers and PhDs to present their work. It aims to provide a panorama of disability research and a place for contacts and exchanges.


Rennes – Conference 2020

Cologne – Conference 2019

Lille – Conference 2018

Lausanne – Conference 2017

Stockholm – Conference 2016

Paris – Conference 2015

Lisbon – Conference 2014

Leuven – Conference 2013

Paris – Conference 2012