Lisbonne – Conférence 2014

Exploring Disability : Epistemologies, Policies and Politics

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« Exploring Disability: Epistemologies, Policies and politics » is the theme of this year’s Annual Conference of Alter European Society for Disability Research. The aim is to present and discuss theoretical and empirical innovative research focusing on a variety of research issues, which include the following topics but is not limited to them:

  • Disability, policy and politics
  • Advocacy, disability activism, and the voice of persons with disabilities
  • Disability rights and the UN Convention
  • Theoretical and conceptual developments on disability
  • Emancipatory research methods and applied research
  • Gender, sexuality and embodied experiences
  • Quality of life and social participation
  • Representations of disability in literature, media, film and art.

Alter-ESDR is organising the conference in partnership with the Higher Institute for Social and Political Sciences from the Technical University of Lisbon, the Disability Research Federative Institute (IFRH – France) and the Disability & Society Program from the EHESS-Paris (France).

Conference languages

Papers will be presented in English, in Portuguese and in sign language. Simultaneous translation in English / Portuguese will be provided in the plenary sessions.

Conference venue

The conference will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) in the premises of the Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas / Pólo Universitário de Monsanto/ Rua Almerindo Lessa /1300-663 LISBOA.