Alter, Conferences

Alter, European Society for Disability Research (AESDR) was founded in 2011.

Alter’s aim is to foster scholarly and interdisciplinary research in the social sciences and humanities. In particular emphasis is placed on the plurality of scientific approaches and knowledge (theoretical, applied, grounded in the experience of disability) provided by this research area. Alter is an open intellectual society and welcomes all who have an interest in disability without exception or particular orientation. Established with a focus on Europe, the society welcomes scholars from all parts of the world.

The Alter Conference is envisaged as an annual event that will enable dedicated research scientists, young researchers and doctoral students to present their work. It aims to provide a forum for a broad spectrum of disability research as well as a place to make contacts and exchange ideas.

Cologne – Conference 2019

Lille – Conference 2018

Lausanne – Conference 2017

Stockholm – Conference 2016

Paris – Conference 2015

Lisbon – Conference 2014

Leuven – Conference 2013

Paris – Conference 2012