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Alter, European Journal of Disability Research is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal, published in English or in French, and dedicated to research on disability from the humanities and social sciences perspectives.

Created in 2007, Alter is the property of Alter – European Society for Research on Disability. From January 2022 on, the journal will be published, in its paper version, by Éditions de l’EHESS. Its editorial line and management will continue to be the responsibility of a multidisciplinary and international Editorial Board. Open to all human and social sciences, the journal encourages connections between academic and fundamental science and applied and experiential knowledge. Alter publishes research contributions from Europe and around the world.

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Journal issues include the following sections:

« Original Research Articles | Research papers »

The articles published under this section are subject to double blind peer-review by researchers outside the editorial board. Within the editorial board, a member is directly responsible for following-up each article and liaises between the author, the editorial board, and the referees. Articles are published in varia issues, in issues comprising a thematic dossier (of two or three articles), or in special issues (of five to six articles).

« Back to texts | Key texts revisited »

The journal maintains this section from time to time. It is devoted to “fundamental” texts, some of which are very old, which have already been published but which deserve to be discovered or rediscovered. Texts are accompanied by a preamble or commentary highlighting its key issues or contributions.

« Research Notes | Short report »

In this section, notes are published from time to time, the particular interest of which has been noted by the Editorial Board. These texts present current research, original methodological approaches, or university work (at master’s, doctoral, or postdoctoral level) recently defended.

« Crises and disability | Crisis and Disability »

This new section aims to report on hot topics and their impact in the field of disability and on those involved in it. It also aims to open the journal to all people potentially affected by disability: researchers, professionals, disabled people, relatives, associations… It may comprise personal testimonies, reflections, extracts from newspapers and field material which are not scientific articles, but which will create a space for democratic expression, an observatory of crises as they impact on the lives of disabled persons, with the aim of fueling a collective and reflexive dynamic that helps us to learn, to reflect and to act.

“Book review | Book review”

Each issue of the journal includes a “Reading Notes” section. The reviews published in this section can take different formats, from a simple reading note to a critical essay covering several works.